Gaël Chauvet

The Art of FLATEYE

What’s art? Surely not a video game.

Art is about inspiration. Art is perspiration. Art is asking question. Art is doubting and questioning the society. Art is a way to express feelings. Art is love. Art is anger. Art is a singular point of view in front of the vastness of the Universe. Art is nothing. Art is everything. Art is temporary.

It would be preposterous to say Flat Eye is a piece of art. This game is just what it is… a video game. But it’s composed of thousands of intricated tiny pieces that, when extracted and exposed, are pieces of art.

Liquid Development

What you’re about to experience here, is a glimpse of the thousands of hours of individual and group effort that happened behind the curtains. Art is the fuel of our project. It’s the grand machinery, the heart and the soul of the video game called Flat Eye.


Owen Pomery
Owen Pomery

Liquid Development
Alexis Fenn

From tarot cards, to concept art, to notes of design and character sheets… we hope this exhibit will help you better understand how we made this singular game, and why it feels different when you play it.

Flat Eye, we’re with you.