Hi. Hello?
Is this mic still on?
It’s been a while since I’ve used this thing…

But anyway! Here’s why I’m poking my head out of my proverbial hole. Games are Art! Hah! There. No questions and mic drop!

Okay. That was a bit unfair. Let me elaborate a bit…

Games are art

Simply put, one of the main tenets of Raw Fury is that games are art.

Linda Davidsson 2021

We’ve championed this from the very beginning of our inception, and I think that anyone who has followed us knows this. We see games as potential carriers of great art like any other creative medium. For those of you that have been here for a while, this belief – that games are art – comes as no surprise.

We have tried to match our words with actions by shunning traditional “game” traps like genres, graphic styles, or mechanics, while seeking out games that make us lean in. That make us feel something. We see games as vehicles for a greater message, than purely entertainment.

So What?

Art is never so important as during difficult times and 2020 tested us all in every way possible.

Art allows us to escape, to seek meaning, and to give a universal voice to our inner thoughts.

On top of interpretating our collective past and present, art carries our hopes, dreams, fears, and wishes for a better future. Due to this transcendent quality games have never been more important than during this hellscape of a year. We have seen this in the messages people have sent us and in the titles submitted to us.

In the summer of 2021, Raw Fury opened two game-focused art galleries:
One in Stockholm, Sweden and the other in Zagreb, Croatia.
As the bases of operations, these two cities will be the hub in which we begin to prove “games as art” to the world. In addition, we will launch a virtual art gallery in conjunction with the real-world locations.

Actual Art Galleries?

Yup! But to fill those physical spaces, we needed actual works of art.

In addition to new and previously commissioned works from talented artist Dijana Kemic, Raw Fury commissioned new pieces of physical art from 22 additional artists around the world.

These pieces were based on games from our catalogue with a focus on artists from underrepresented communities. We paid a commission of $1.000 USD to each selected artist for their inclusion in our galleries.

Finally, at the end of the summer 2021 we auctioned off the commissioned pieces with money raised to be split 30/70 between the artists and charity organisations.
No money will go to Raw Fury, as one of our primary drivers is to underline the value of art – artists should be fairly treated and compensated for their contribution to furthering along society and connecting it via a universal medium.

What now?

There are a few reasons we decided to pursue this initiative: To brighten up the world in any way we can; To help facilitate artists to interact with games in new ways and to open up new revenue streams for them; To put our money where our mouth is and prove our convictions; To add to the conversation that art is valuable; And finally, to find something more worthwhile to spend our money on than spatulas and bags of potatoes.

We plan to do much more of this in the future if possible, but we need your help to spread the word!

Coming to you from the House of Fury in Stockholm, while sitting under an oil painting of Bad North, painted by Dijana Kemić.

Chief Everything Officer / Reality Distortionist