The art style of Superfuse was created to evoke the feeling of being a superhero from a classic comic book.

This aesthetic was achieved in our game by trying to replicate the feeling of comic book coloring styles in 3D. Most texture detail was conveyed through line art, as it is essential to make our game look like an inked page. Additionally, classic comic book effects like speech bubbles and halftone are an crucial part of the art style of Superfuse.

The visuals were inspired by a mixed combination of classic and modern comic
book artists like Moebius, Josan Gonzales, and Philippe Druillet.

Other major inspirations were non-comic book media, which in itself inspired by comics, such as Batman Beyond, and Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse.


Enter our virtual gallery via Steam or your browser to see the full exhibit.


You are also welcome to visit the physical gallery in Stockholm, Sweden: c/o Bauer Gallery on Köpmanbrinken 4, Old Town, to explore the Superfuse exhibit in person from February 9th until May 7th 2023.